Lenders Direct in Chicago, Illinois - You are preapproved or you prequalify

after you fill out a loan application, you start receiving emails telling you that you have been preapproved. You are just one click away just click on the link and your funds will be deposited.

Yet when you click on the link you find yourself filling out the same application that you originally filled out to begin with. Then you have to be matched with a lender Now here you are filling out 5 more applications but then when you read the bottom of the app it says this not a financial institution or lender so what's the point?

I know the economy is bad but to go through all of this for 5 or 600.00 is ridiculous. Especially when you trying to get a loan to move to a better environment for your children or trying to keep your lights on.

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Chicago, Illinois
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Lenders Direct in Reston, Virginia - Lender's Direct

I used lending tree looking too refinance on about Aug.7. I at no time agreed too use lenders direct.The calls started instantly and so did the emails.They called everyday several times a day even after being told too stop.On August 20 we said in writing we didnt want too refi anymore.On August 23 I replied too an email again saying we are no longer looking too refinance.

This was after many calls.On August 25 after more calls and emails i replied saying please do not call or email anymore we are not intertested and if they contact again we will report them. Well guess what. They are still calling.I just filed a complaint with the State Attorney Generals Office.

Be careful with this company,they will call and call and call.........

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I applied for a mortgage loan through lenders direct. They collected payment for an appraisal.

all was well untill it came time to sign my loan papers. The rate was changed and I was never given a copy of my appraisal

Reston, Virginia
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